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Silicone Puppet Lamp

Silicone Puppet Lamp

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·      🤱 Safe and Soft Silicone Night Light : Kawaii Solide kids lamp is made of safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly silicone and ABS material to protect your children and create the best night light for boys and girls.

·      🐣 Interesting Chick Designs The chick-shaped children's night light creates an interesting atmosphere in the room: Curious child, Warm and yellow lights, Parents reading bedtime stories to their children. Children pay more attention and energy when playing with the chick. This newborn night light will be a good playmate, Especially a safe playmate.

·      🌙 Good Sleep : It is the most intimate toy for children. You can sleep with your baby at night. It can also be used for eye protection, table lamp, bedroom lamp, children's bedside lamp, portable outdoor lamp, children's room decoration, children's room lamp.

·      Adjustable Brightness Chick lighting color - Warm yellow. The built-in high-performance battery can last 200 hours in low light and 5 hours in bright light when fully charged. When using for the first time, press to activate this kids night light for 10 seconds or connect with USB cable.

·      💝 Best Gifts Best gifts for your friends, kids even yourself. This is not just a bedroom night light, the warm lighting lamp is also an ideal decoration for birthday party, festival party, etc., also ideal for new mothers to use while breastfeeding at night.

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