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Electric lint remover

Electric lint remover

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·      Improved Bionic Honeycomb Net Improved 6 blades, compared to the traditional 3-blade blade, it is 30% longer and 0.5% thicker, increasing its shaving efficiency by 50%. The Electric Lint Remover It can clean hair balls on clothes faster and cleaner, and is suitable for all types of clothing and fabrics, including old socks, sweaters, coats, sofas, blankets, sheets.

·      High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Built-in 2000mAh battery can support up to 150 minutes of wireless deflating. Electric lint remover Comes with a USB charging cable, compact size and portable wireless operation for travel or dry cleaning. So you no longer have to waste your money on replacement battery.

·      Double Safety Protection The electric lint remover offers two types of mesh covers. The removable 65mm bionic honeycomb mesh increases coverage by 50% while protecting the fabric from damage. If the mesh cover is loosened or removed, the device stops working immediately to avoid danger or damage to the fabric.

·      Easy to Use and Clean The electric lint remover epilator is lightweight and the ergonomic handle is easy to grip, ensuring long-term comfort. The removable collection container can be cleaned quickly and easily and is equipped with a small cleaning brush for easy cleaning.

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