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Shiatsu neck and shoulder (cervical) massager

Shiatsu neck and shoulder (cervical) massager

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Enjoy the art of relaxation with our Wireless Shiatsu Massager, designed to offer you an extraordinary wellness experience right in your home. Buy today and in just 15 days you will start to feel the difference!

👐 Deep and Relaxing Massage: Emulates the sensation of pressure from human fingers, gently kneading the shoulders upwards and pressing the trapezius muscles downwards. A deep massage that releases tension and provides total relaxation.

🎯 Key Point Coverage: Designed to care for acupuncture points in the neck and shoulders, it offers a deep sense of well-being and helps reduce discomfort in these areas. Quickly releases the acid accumulated in the muscles, ensuring immediate relief.

🔥Adjustable Heating Function: The extra-large massage head distributes heat evenly with adjustable temperatures between 42 and 48 . It reaches the deepest muscle groups, offering a thorough massage on meridians and acupuncture points for long-lasting relief from muscle pain.

🌀 Advanced 6-Head Massage: Simulates three-dimensional massage techniques with 10 different modes, reproducing the sensations of the skilled fingers of Thai masseurs. Covers a large area including shoulders and neck.

🌟 Versatile and Easy to Use: Suitable not only for shoulders and neck but also calves, waist, thighs and other body parts. The versatility of this cordless massager allows you to experience a full body massage with a single device. A perfect gift for the one you love.

🔋 Wireless Convenience: Just charge it and enjoy the massage in total comfort wherever you prefer. Discover well-being at your fingertips with our Wireless Shiatsu Massager. Buy now and give your body the treatment it deserves! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️

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