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Mini Broom

Mini Broom

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Rotatable Design: Cut your cleaning time in half with our mini broom that can be used with any cloth/paper towel. The 360° rotatable head allows you to easily clean corners without bending or stretching.

Automatic Hands-Free: Easily clean your home with the hands-free mini mop. Simply press the handle to open the base, allowing automatic mop replacement: no more bending or touching dirty mop heads!

Promote towel reuse: Help reduce waste and prolong the life of your towels by easily attaching them to this mini mop, perfect for cleaning floors and surfaces.

Wide Usage: This hands-free mini mop can be used to clean various surfaces, such as kitchen walls, mirrors and cabinets, without bending or straining your back.

Space Saving Solution: The wall mountable mini mop holder keeps your mop dry and easily accessible. Avoid clutter by using vertical storage on any smooth surface.

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