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Brush for Cats and Dogs

Brush for Cats and Dogs

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·      Normal temperature atomization function The cat steam brush can atomize the water in the water tank at normal temperature, it is gentle and there is no need to worry about burns. The steam helps eliminate static electricity and stops hair from flying everywhere. Please fully charge before starting atomization and turn off the steam as needed during use to prevent your hair from getting too wet.

·      Warm Tips Wider tooth spacing makes beauty massage smoother. Suitable for grooming and massaging while removing floating hair of animals. It is not a brush designed to be used only for hair removal. Using the principle of ultrasonic atomization, pets sensitive to ultrasonic waves may not be suitable. If your pet is unable to cooperate, please contact us.

·      3 in 1 Multifunction Use purified water to prevent impurities from damaging the device, add a small amount of detergent/perfume/essential oil and activate the spray function to clean, condition and massage the fur. The silicone panel fits perfectly on the base of the brush. Remove the silicone panel first, then lift the base to clean and reinstall for reuse. Please note that the main body is not waterproof.

·      Workmanship and Material We adhere to the concept of health and environmental protection, use high-quality ABS and TPU materials, and have excellent workmanship. The teeth of the dog steam brush are soft at the ends and rounded to ensure they do not damage your pet's skin.

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